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Jedi Color Picker

Jedi Color Picker is an intelligent assistant for working with colors not just for webdesign. Customizable eye dropper along with several input-output functions in a compact, clean and intuitive package.

Eye dropper

  • customizable on the fly using the mouse wheel, incl. mouse speed change, with various changes via Ctrl, Alt, Shift + mouse wheel
  • you can keep the application minimized and call the eye dropper at any time via the system shortcut Shift + Alt + D

Adjusting color via its color components

  • RGB, HLS, CMY(K)

Output color code

  • hexadecimal: HTML, Delphi, C++, Visual Basic
  • decimal: Windows Color Reference (or Win32 ColorRef, it can also be used e.g. in Game Maker applications)


  • copying code to clipboard is automatic
  • intelligent color code and its prefix detection when pasting from clipboard

Additional functionality

  • two color mode can be activated, both of which you can work simultaneously with and switch between them
  • application can be set to launch in eye dropper mode in case you use it each time
  • color modification: inverse, complementary, grayscale, desaturated, random color

News in version 1.1

  • added eye dropper compatibility with Windows Vista
  • added the possibility of using an icon in the system tray
  • added skins
  • tab key doesn't jump on scrollbars
  • fixed a bug in restoring the window via restarting the program
  • fixed a bug in the new version check

PADPortable Application Description in XML format for software publishing

Version Language License
1.1 (January 2, 2015) English, German, Czech freeware